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Our products continue to be problem solvers that make your everyday work easier.

In the 1990s adhesives and a few cutting tools were enough to replace a windscreen. Only trims and mouldings were needed on the glass. Over time further products were added to help the automotive glass fitter work quickly and efficiently. Together with our customers we have since developed numerous products and concise applications. Whether tools for automotive glass fitters or solutions for industrial applications in the spare parts market, we are the first point of contact in the industry – because we understand our profession.


As the needs of the automotive glass industry changed over the decades, so did the products we developed for our customers. Always in the focus: quality and safety in application. Without compromise!

In the early days, mainly tools and OE parts sets were required. High-quality chisel blades are a good example of the beginning of our concentration on problem-solving ideas. Our customers were looking for a way to remove PU residues as cleanly as possible and without damaging the vehicle. These specially developed blades solved the problem and are now part of the standard equipment of every automotive glass fitter. They are still probably the best on the market. A premium product that is safe to use.

Our products in the automotive glass industry

As the application of profiles was increasingly moved towards the industrial sector, and windscreens were often delivered to the fitter with pre-installed trims, we therefore also expanded our product range. Application tools for special VW profiles or the profile protection Profile Guard are examples that emerged from specific customer driven needs and are now widely used in the industry. In addition, the Black Eight application tool simplifies the installation of self-adhesive profiles on the windscreen by means of precise positioning and has thus been supporting the industry and workshops in the spare parts market for years.

The evolution of the windscreen – and our answer

In recent years, the dynamics in the tool sector slowed down, while driver assistance systems gained in importance. Today, they have become indispensable in modern vehicles. It is of immense importance that windscreen replacements are carried out by specialists. The more complex the glass is, the more has to be taken into account. That is why we at PMA/TOOLS AG have laid the foundation for a unique competence centre in the field of car and truck calibration with the construction of our training and calibration centre R.A.C.E.. Thanks to our comprehensive range of services, interested parties can learn everything there is to know about the topic of automotive glass.

We look forward to exciting innovations and the further development of automotive glass in the future. With our experience and the right products, we are the partner for your business.

30 years. Right at the front.

The Black Eight Precision application tool (Art. No. 01069400)

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