Developing business momentum

Creating a spare part for an existing part is easy compared to developing something new. And yet, we do have the expertise and experience to do exactly that. From creating new tools for your assembly line to creating a solution for a niche model: Our developments supply you with extra momentum. So, your production is improved or your business gains new opportunities.

The goal: Efficient Time to Market

As soon as a new development and design is approved, it is passed on to our specialized production units in Europe, the US, and China. Having our own production facilities means that you can get your parts within short time frames from a production site close to you. This saves you valuable time – time you can use to be the first on the market.

In-house competence
and industry know-how

Welcome to the PMA/TOOLS Lab

From material tests to rapid prototyping, from ISO standards to dedicated OEM specifications: There’s nothing you can’t ask from our laboratory. This department takes care of chemical composition, material testing, prototyping, and 3D printing. It consists of 15 employees (process engineers, chemists, plastic technicians) in our headquarters alone. Moreover, they regularly exchange ideas and concepts with their colleagues in our US and China branches. Thus, the PMA/TOOLS lab is your first source to contact for a special development, be it a spare part or a tool.

Profit from Individual Development

The major difference between retail and the manufacturer? We can develop parts for you that you don’t get off the shelves. From a special bracket for RHD or niche models to a limited edition, or to any other special requirement: Our highly experienced development and production capabilities allow for all of this. And just as with our larger series products, you can always trust in our spotless quality and reliable delivery.